The deep learning development support tool specialized for embedded AI

"Realizing learning at the edge" The edge environment-oriented embedded deep learning engine. Compact and flexible embedded machine learning solution.
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    Our Partner Companies Carried Out Varied KAIBER Demonstrations at ET/IoT2018 Show
    KAIBER received the Embedded Technology Award of excellence last year at ET/IoT 2017, and the evolution of embedded deep learning was exhibited by carrying out demonstrations on further variety of devices this year.
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    Deep Insight Attends ET/IoT Technology 2017 and Wins an Award
    Deep Insight receives the Embedded Technology Award of excellence for its embedded deep learning framework KAIBER
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The embedded deep learning framework specialized for edge AI image recognition

KAIBER Lite, featuring the image classification (CNN model) capability spun off from the standard edition of KAIBER, enables low-cost and easy embedded product development by specializing in edge AI development targeting on the ultrasmall comuter Raspberry Pi and a Windows application.
A touchless UI realizable with Raspberry Pi/Enabling DX

The Embedded Deep Learning Framework

Deep learning specialized for embedded systems. Rapid and easy.
KAIBER is an embedded deep learning framework oriented toward "edge computing" which is being the key trend in the IoT field.


Deep Learning Edge Engine
KAIBER engram

Realizing learning at the edge - Compact and flexible embedded machine learning solution
Edge environment-oriented embedded deep learning engine
Edge environment-oriented
embedded deep learning engine

Fusing deep learning and edge computing

IoT devices are explosively expanding, alleged to be tens of billions in the future. The key technologies are deep learning and edge computing.

It is not realistic to store and process all the data from IoT devices on cloud, as systems that require real-timeness largely exist. Deep learning fulfils its tremendous potential to analyze and perceive the enormous amount of data, while edge computing enhances the IoT system real-timeness.

And, to fuse those two concepts, easier to use, more flexible embedded deep learning framework is demanded. KAIBER is developed on this account.

告往知来 (Koku-Oh-Chee-Rai) 「往」represents the past 「来」represents the future

A traditional idiom that represents the ability of foreseeing the future upon informing of the past.
As a keen insight and an excellent responsiveness have been significant nourishment for living since ancient times down to the present, the world we are aspiring to realize by deep learning is condensed into the word.

Deep Insight is a company creating the capability of foreseeing the future by technology.

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