The embedded deep learning framework
specialized for edge AI image recognition

KAIBER Lite, featuring the image classification (CNN model) capability spun off from the standard edition of KAIBER, enables low-cost and easy embedded product development by specializing in edge AI development targeting on the ultrasmall comuter Raspberry Pi and a Windows application.

A touchless UI realizable with Raspberry Pi/Enabling DX

KAIBER Lite Features


Specialized in image classification (CNN)

Create a major model e.g. GoogleNet or your custom model rapidly

Raspberry Pi and Windows environments are supported

Easy-implementable as a dedicated inference engine (C library) is included as standard

The inference engine is gratuitously redistributable

Freely integratable to mass-production products as well as prototype products

Touchless UI base module is included

The basic function including a pretrained model is attached as a library.
It simplifies monocular camera based touchless UI development.

Demonstration videos

The Embedded Deep Learning FrameworkKAIBER

Deep learning specialized for embedded systems. Rapid and easy.
KAIBER is an embedded deep learning framework oriented toward "edge computing" which is being the key trend in the IoT field.

KAIBER features


Only a tiny module to embed

The inference executable module, fully separated from a training server, is easily integratable to various devices/applications.
Smallest-in-class (20K+) footprint is achieved.

Fully domestically-produced deep learning framework

To enable usability and flexible support, the entire code is developed from scratch.
Commercial support tailored to your business is provided thanks to its purely in-house development.

Portable to diverse architectures

The entire framework is developed by Java, and the inference executable module has a C language-implemented variant.
Porting and customizing to novel platforms and devices can promptly be accommodated.

Flexible billing model

The standard inference executable module is gratuitously distributable.
It allows you to try a wide variety of businesses, ranging from small-lot test-market to mass-production integration, with minimizing risks.
Please ask for customization.

Deep Learning Edge EngineKAIBER engram

Realizing learning at the edge - Compact and flexible embedded machine learning solution

KAIBER engram features


Autonomous relearning

Autonomous relearning with being embedded in IoT GW / PLC / industrial vehicle

High-speed deep learning, plug-in

High-speed deep learning on Non GPU environments. Expandable plug-in for supporting novel GPUs and AI chips

Flexible integration into application

Integratable flexibly into analytic application, machine control application, etc.