Company Name:
Deep Insight Inc.
Yoshinori Kubota, CEO
Office Circle N Gotanda 806, 5-22-37 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0022, Japan
March 9, 2016
Core Operations:
Planning, Development, Sales

Yoshinori Kubota,
Representative Director and CEO
Yoshinori Kubota previously took charge of business promotion of an artificial intelligence language at a startup company. At multiple foreign affiliated IT vendors, he engaged in starting up server and database business partnering. Prior to Deep Insight, he participated in the establishment of a big data analysis engine development company, as well as he led the planning and development of a Japanese-language application for IBM Watson.

Tomohiro Furukawa,
Director and CTO
After engaging in the development of the core engine of a Japanese-language word processor software, Tomohiro Furukawa pursued developments of a document processing system, delivery platform, etc.. at a foreign affiliated IT vendor. In his previous job, he took charge of the development of an IBM Watson application. He is versed in natural language processing, statistics and machine learning.

Takayuki Hatsukari,
Director and Vice President of Engineering
After engaging in an aerospace related research work at a leading electro-mechanics manufacturer, Takayuki Hatsukari had a lot of experiences in system development at an embedded software vendor. Followingly, he engaged in a human resource training work as a lecturer at a public educational institution that provides advanced specialized technical education for engineers. He has a wealth of knowledge and development experiences in embedded systems with a focus on Android and embedded Linux.


「往」represents the past 「来」represents the future

A traditional idiom that represents the ability of foreseeing the future upon informing of the past.
As a keen insight and an excellent responsiveness have been significant nourishment for living since ancient times down to the present, the world we are aspiring to realize by deep learning is condensed into the word.

Deep Insight is a company creating the capability of foreseeing the future by technology.